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Medicines that used for hair regrowth both topical and oral

Medicines that used for hair regrowth both topical and oral 

Topical Medications – 

Topical minoxidil stops hair from thinning and stimulates new hair growth.

Minoxidil has been used for hair loss treatment for many decades. The medication affects follicular cells by enhancing hair growth and reducing hair loss.

Minoxidil solution and foam are great to be used as helper in hair growth for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is not used for baldness at the front of the scalp or receding hairline in men. 

The foam and two percent minoxidil solution is also used to help hair growth in women with thinning hair. Should be used under the prescription of the hair specialist.

Minoxidil belongs to a class of drugs known as vasodilators.  

This medication is not used for sudden hair loss or unexplained hair loss or hair loss after giving birth. Do not use this product without expert guidelines.

This medicine for treating inherited hair loss slows thinning of the hair and increases coverage of the scalp by growing new hair. It also thickens the shafts of your existing hair so that it grows in thicker.

With these medicines, hair coverage tends to improve on the top of the head but not on the forehead area. It can be used by both men and women.

Minoxidil also stimulated prostaglandin E2 production by activating prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase-123 but inhibited prostacyclin production.

Topical minoxidil has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of AGA. In-fact this has been used as an off-label medication also to treat several hair disorders such as alopecia areata, scarring alopecia, and hair shaft disorders and even to improve body hair growth in other areas including the eyebrows and beard.

Side-effects of Minoxidil –

  • weight gain
  • swelling of the face, ankles, hands, or stomach
  • breathing issues
  • rapid heartbeat rate
  • chest ache
  • light headedness
  • irritant contact dermatitis with the typical symptoms of itching and scaling. 
  • Side effects of minoxidil include skin irritation, dandruff, and an itchy scalp. 
  • In women, minoxidil may cause facial hair growth, especially on the forehead and cheeks.

A patch test should be performed to determine the causative agents.

Oral Medications

Oral finasteride is a prescription medication for men who have male pattern hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia. Finasteride slows the rate of hair loss and stimulates new hair growth by inhibiting the body’s production of a hormone that destroys hair follicles. This medication is taken once a day by mouth and is most effective when taken at the same time each day.

Finasteride. Finasteride (Propecia) is available by prescription. It’s a pill that you take once a day. It can be used by men.

Finasteride and minoxidil (for men) and minoxidil (for women) have the best level of evidence for medicines used to treat inherited hair loss. footnote1, footnote2 How well finasteride or minoxidil works depends on your age and the location of the hair loss. These medicines don’t work for everyone, and you should not expect to regrow a full head of hair.

Finasteride starts to work after about four months, but you may not notice significant hair growth for as long as a year. Your dermatologist measures this progress after six months to determine whether to continue treatment. If the medication is working, treatment may continue for as long as new hair growth is desired. Hair loss may recur if the medication is discontinued.

Finasteride oral tablet is available in brand-name and generic versions. Brand names include: Proscar and Propecia.

Finasteride only comes as a tablet you take by mouth.

Finasteride is used to treat enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and male pattern hair loss.

Finasteride works by decreasing the amount of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your body. DHT normally causes your prostate to grow larger.

The decrease in DHT helps prevent your prostate from growing larger. It also leads to increased hair growth and decreased hair loss of the hair on your head. Hair growth on other parts of the body isn’t affected.

Side effects of Finasteride –

  • decreased sex drive
  • trouble getting or keeping an erection
  • ejaculation disorder
  • increase in breast size and tenderness
  • skin rash
  • An interaction is when a substance changes the way a drug works. This can be harmful or prevent the drug from working well.
  • swelling of your lips, tongue, throat, or face
  • depression
  • lumps or pain in your breasts
  • nipple discharge
  • Finasteride can cause a severe allergic reaction, causing symptoms such as:
  • trouble breathing
  • swelling of your throat or tongue
  • hives
  • Finasteride should not be taken or handled by women who are or may become pregnant, because it can cause birth defects. 
  • Possible side effects in men include sexual problems, such as trouble getting an erection.

This drug comes with several warnings. Finasteride is used for long-term treatment. It comes with serious risks if you do not take it as prescribed.

How to take finasteride-

All possible dosages and forms may not be included here. Your dose, form, and how often you take it will depend on:

  • your age
  • the condition being treated
  • how severe your condition is
  • other medical conditions you have
  • how you react to the first dose


Always do a patch test to determine the causative agents and trouble arising agents.

Minoxidil is a common medication prescribed for treating hair loss-related problems. It provides remarkable benefits to patients with hair disorders. 

Minoxidil is also used off-label for treating several hair disorders as well as increasing body hair growth. Although topical minoxidil is considered an effective and safe treatment option for various hair disorders, additional evidence-based data are needed for some applications.

Whereas, Finasteride is a prescription drug. It comes as an oral tablet.

Finasteride oral tablet is available as the brand-name drugs Proscar and Propecia. It is also available as a generic drug. 

Generic drugs usually cost less than the brand-name version. However, some cases shows that they may not be available in every strength.

These medicines slow thinning of the hair and increase coverage of the scalp by growing new hair. They also thicken the shafts of your existing hair so that it grows in thicker. 

If you stop using the medicine, any hair that has grown in will gradually be lost. But within 6 to 12 months after you stop using the medicine, your scalp will most likely look the same as it did before treatment.

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Platelet Rich Plasma😲 Hair Growth by own Blood PRP | Platelet Rich Plasma

#PRPTreatmentinkolkata #BestPRPclinicinkolkata #BestPRPtreatmentinkolkata #hairfall #baldness Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss In Kolkata - Cheapest PRP In Kolkata PRP Treatment: a NON-SURGICAL option to fight balding Today's Video - Shocking Results - 😲 Hair Growth by your own Blood PRP | Platelet Rich Plasma | Kolkata | Dr Nagwani PRP or platelet-rich plasma uses your own blood platelets to stimulate hair growth where you are balding. It also thickens your existing hair. Many people know platelet-rich plasma as the part of the blood that helps your body recover from injuries. RESTORE PRP harnesses that power to promote hair growth when follicles are present. These quick and affordable injections take just a few minutes, and can be done on your lunch break, and don’t require any downtime. A small collection of your own blood is collected and then spun in a centrifuge, which separates it into layers of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is extracted and then injected into the areas of thinning hair. PRP promotes hair growth when follicles are present. People with extreme hair loss or non-existent follicles are generally not candidates for this PRP hair treatment. This is an important video of PRP Treatment in Kolkata. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person's blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp. Check out Our Latest Video - Today's Topic - PRP Hair Treatment Results - Hair Clinic in Kolkata II Best PRP Treatment in Kolkata | Dr. Nagwani TO Book Appointment On Whatsapp Click on this link: Contact : 7044234868 email: Hollywood peel/ the laser lunchtime peel Looking for a quick and effective facial? “Hollywood peel” or “Nd-YAG Carbon laser peel” or “the laser lunchtime peel,” is the in-vogue anti-aging that quickly treats a variety of skin imperfections, like sun damage and other complexion issues with no side effects or patient downtime and there are numerous celebrities that testify this. It gives instant results, a non-invasive, painless laser treatment. After this treatment, you'll get glowing skin free from fine wrinkles, acne, and very fine scars. This is a process where a patient with uneven skin tone, pores or oily skin comes to us who wants some procedure to be done wants to get it rectified. Most immediate results would be got by a botox. But those who want long-lasting results, do not want immediate results, for them, we prefer to do a carbon facial or a Hollywood facial. So, the first is washing their face and then apply a carbon solution and once the carbon solution is dried up, it is massaged to enter the pores. The second step would be doing something allied fixing. This makes the carbon break down into finer pieces and it makes the pores deeper and it causes heating of the skin and regeneration of collagen tissues. The third step or the final step is called toning, which is done with an Nd-YAG laser, laser blasts the carbon particles such as hitting on the skin and setting inside the pores. This causes shrinkage of the pores and causes superficial peeling of the top layer of the skin. The person will get smooth skin, a reduction in the pores, reduction in oiliness. Every 15 to 30 days for about 6 to 8 sessions.

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Hair Transplant in Jharkhand

#hairtransplantinjharkhand #hairtransplantinBihar #jharkhand ---------------------------------- Today's Video - Hair Transplant in Jharkhand | FUT | Hair Transplant Cost in Jharkhand and Bihar ----------------------------------- This is a very very important video for all those who want to do Hair Transplant, want to know all Procedures of Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant costs, and all. TO Book Appointment On Whatsapp Click on this link: Contact : 7044234868 email: The hair transplant procedure has to be carried out only by a PLASTIC AND COSMETIC & HAIR TRANSPLANT surgeon, not a technician. In clinics where technicians do the surgery instead of surgeons, the cost is lower. The higher the surgeon's experience & degrees, the higher would be the cost of the hair transplant. But the main factor to consider is that only an experienced surgeon will be able to give you the best results. OT setup:- It is extremely important that hair transplant surgery should be carried out in an OT. It should not be carried out in an OPD setup. The OT should be equipped with important equipment, lights, magnification equipment, & necessary measures to handle an emergency. The OT infrastructure requires considerable investment. This modern infrastructure plays an important role in the overall cost of the surgery. High-quality instrumentation:- For the high precision that a FUT surgery requires, high-quality instrumentation is a must! Here at CALCUTTA COSMO AID HAIR TRANSPLANT, we use the HIGH QUALITY-made punches that are extremely sharp & very precise. When they are used on the scalp, the cut is clean & there is minimal damage & scarring to the skin. The technical team at the clinic:- Every hair transplant requires a clinical team. Successful surgery requires an excellent team & this cost also adds up to the total amount. This team should be permanent. Hair transplant:- A hair transplant requires specific skills. For example, transplanting hair onto the temporal area is a very skillful job. There are very few surgeons who can perform this perfectly. For crown hair transplant also special skills are required. Crown designing is extremely challenging & the whorl pattern has to be created which requires specialized skills. These are a few of the important factors that the cost of a hair transplant depends on. In India, the pricing per graft can vary from Rs. 12 to Rs. 80. A few clinics tell you the cost per hair as opposed to per graft. You have to keep in mind that 2 hair=1 graft. You will also have to invest in a good hair transplant. At the end of the day, a hair transplant involves are & science. This surgery requires effort, skill, expertise, experience, & hard work. Not just the surgeon, the whole technical team also contributes to the success of the hair transplant. You have to keep all this in mind, understand the reasons for the cost of the hair transplant & invest accordingly. Choosing the right surgeon, the correct clinic is extremely important for your surgery. The same cost does not apply to all patients. Each patient has a different requirement, the number of grafts, the donor area is different for each patient. Some patients even require transplants in specialized areas like the temporal or crown area, or the beard. All this determines the overall cost. The clinic you choose should be able to match your expectations & should have high hygiene standards, infrastructure & the clinical staff & surgeon should be knowledgeable. Only once you are satisfied with all this, you should ask for the price & check your budget. Dr. Anand Kumar Nagwani M.Ch. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hair Transplant in jharkhand,Hair Transplant cost Jharkhand,Hair transplant in jharkhand cost,Hair Transplant in dhanbad,Best hair transplant in ranchi,Hair transplant cost in jamshedpur,hair transplant clinic in ranchi,hair clinic in ranchi,Hair transplant price in jharkhand,Hair transplant cost in dhanbad,Cost of hair transplant in bihar,Hair Transplant in ranchi,cheap hair transplant,hair transplant in dhanbad ranchi jharkhand,Cheapest Cost of Hair Transplant #LowestcostofHairtransplant #Hairtransplantinkolkata #Besthairtransplantclinicinbihar #hairtransplantcostinjharkhand #hairtransplantpatientreview #hairtransplantcostinjharkhand #hairtransplant Instagram - Blogger - Facebook - Twitter - Printrest - Reddit - Tumblr -

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Beard Hair Transplant Surgery Result | Before and After - Beard Transplant

Affordable Hair & Beard Transplant in Kolkata.

Beard Transplant Cost in Kolkata is very affordable, and men who are not satisfied with their beard fullness choose it. The cost of a beard transplant is influenced by many factors, including the surgeon’s experience, number of hairs, infrastructure and location of the clinic, safety protocols, result preciseness, side effects, tools/instruments involved in the procedure, and more. So, with cost, also consider other factors when planning to get a beard transplant performed.

Is beard transplant successful? Beard transplant treatment is most effective in men with male baldness (MPB). Patients who have been victims of burns, injuries, or genetic diseases are the most likely to benefit from a beard transplant. transplant, these patients can have a full beard again or in some cases for the first time Beard transplant surgery provides natural-looking, permanent results. The incisions made using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique for harvesting hair grafts are very tiny and do not hurt or leave noticeable scars. The surgery involves minimal downtime with limited side effects. Why can't I grow a beard? The most common reason some men can't grow a beard is genetic factors. Some men who have trouble growing beards have turned to beard implants. Although beard implants are now available, they're expensive and are a surgical procedure. So careful evaluation of the risks and benefits should be considered How painful is a beard transplant? Most patients report minimal pain and discomfort after plastic surgery, including hair transplants. Since most beard transplants use the FUE technique, which means that individual follicular units are removed one at a time, there are no painful incisions and minimal scarring. What is a patchy beard? Get it fixed with Beard Transplant A patchy beard – or uneven facial hair growth – is usually the result of genes passed down from parents. Your beard might grow patchy in places due to an imbalanced diet, varying levels of hormones, and stress.

About the Doctor - :

Dr. Anand Kumar Nagwani M.Ch. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon He did his master's in surgery from BRA (Formerly Agra) University. He then his super specialization in cosmetic and plastic surgery and obtained M.Ch. Degree from IPGME&R under the West Bengal University of Health Science. From his long experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery and the use of advanced Laser, he says that “It is so important to feel confident when considering any cosmetic surgery. Confidence comes from asking questions and getting answers. While I attempt to answer those most frequently asked on this site, I am aware that nothing replaces a personal consultation for answers to personal concerns. One of the most essential parts of my job is to listen carefully and I consider no question too small or unimportant. By listening to you, getting to know you, and truly understanding your needs, I can perform the safest and most efficient procedures available, in accordance with your own personal goals.
Cause of Baldness
The most common type of hair loss in both men and women is referred to as androgenic alopecia men. Common treatment process followed in our clinic is Follicular unit extraction : The survival of follicular units upon extraction from the scalp is one of the key variables of successful hair transplantation. If follicular units are transected in the extraction process, there is a greater likelihood that they will not survive the transplant, and the hair transplant will fail. While FUT procedures using strip-harvesting of follicular units typically guarantee a large number of non- transected follicular units, FUE procedures can, and often do, transect grafts, rendering them useless in a transplant.

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When Should I Start Exercising After Getting a Hair Transplant?

You may be anxious to get back to your daily routine after FUT or FUE hair transplant in Kolkata, but it's critical that you don't rush into anything that might jeopardize your recovery. Although exercise is beneficial to our general health, your post-surgical rehabilitation should take precedence in the near term.


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedures entail extracting hair follicles from a donor location at the rear of the scalp and transplanting them to places where hair loss has occurred. After the surgery, the newly transplanted hair grafts will need to be looked after correctly to ensure that the scalp can heal – so how long should you wait before exercising after a hair transplant in India?


What are the dangers of working out after a hair transplant?

Exercise should be avoided immediately after surgery to protect your new hair grafts and decrease the danger of infection, as well as to encourage healthy hair development. The following are some of the potential difficulties with exercising after a transplant:



Sweating is unlikely to impact the outcome of your hair transplant, but the scalp can be quite sensitive following surgery, and sweating might irritate it. Infections surrounding the surgery sites are also a possibility.



Some types of exercise, such as sit-ups, can stretch and strain the back of the neck. If you have undergone FUT surgery, this is a particular risk, as the scar on the donor site will still be healing. The stitches may tear, which can lead to bleeding.


Blood Pressure:

Strenuous exercise increases your heart rate which, in turn, will raise your blood pressure. Increased blood flow to the scalp can lead to swelling and potentially bleeding.


Head Injury;

Contact sports, such as rugby or boxing, put patients at a higher risk of head injury, which can damage the hair follicles and have an adverse effect on the outcome of your hair transplant.


When may I resume exercise following hair transplant surgery?

Exercise should be maintained to a bare minimum during the first 1-3 days following surgery, and if feasible, you should avoid walking at all. Allowing oneself to relax during the first few days after a transplant is recommended.


You can begin to reintroduce mild activity, such as walking, after the first week or two. For the time being, stay away from any exercise that raises your heart rate or causes you to sweat.


You should be able to resume normal activity after two weeks if you underwent FUE surgery, but it's best to err on the side of caution and ease back into it gradually.

For those patients who have undergone FUT surgery, you should generally wait around a month before returning to your normal exercise routine.


Four weeks after surgery is typically an acceptable time to begin engaging in contact sports and weight training again. Around this time, you can resume swimming since the scalp will have healed sufficiently to decrease the danger of infection.


It's important to remember that everyone recovers at a different pace, so while there are broad recommendations for when you may start exercising following your hair transplant in Kolkata, it's different for everyone, so talk to your doctor about what's best for you.


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What is the Specific Age to Get a Hair Transplant?

There is no specific age after which you should walk in to get a hair transplant done. You can get it done at any age. Hair transplant in Kolkata are the most effective when they are done as soon as you notice any substantial hair loss. There is no use of ignoring or delaying getting a transplant done.


Statistically speaking, a lot of hair transplants are done when a person is relatively young. It is the age where a hair transplant inIndia works the most effectively because by that time you still have a lot of your hair intact and you have lost a considerable amount of hair that you can get back through a hair transplant.


Another thing that you should keep in mind is that it would be a lot more convenient for you to get a transplant done when you still have some hair and your hair loss is not that noticeable, as obviously people would not like other people recognizing that they are going bald. Another reason people opt for a hair transplant when they are in their early to mid-adulthood is that most people get married when they are that age.


A wedding is something that is very important for almost every man and every man wants to look his best while getting married, a good amount of hair and a good hairstyle surely helps.


So, the thumb rule here is that you should get a hair transplant done as soon as you notice substantial hair loss, there’s no point in delaying it. Also, there is no particular age that can be deemed perfect to get a transplant done but the age at which most people get it done is when they are about to get married.


Another helpful tip – get your transplant done at the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata that has experienced surgeons and good infrastructure and facilities. From where you get your transplant done matters.

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What are the Long Term Benefits before a Hair Transplant?

Those individuals suffering from baldness or severe hair fall over long periods of time often undergo a hair transplant procedure in order to retain aesthetics. Hair follicles are acquired from the ‘donor site’ and are rooted back into the balding spot. This is called the ‘recipient site’. In India, people most commonly undergo best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata.

 A lot of patients fear getting a hair transplant cost in India, because even though it is known to have effective results, at the end of the day it is a cosmetic surgery.

 Most patients are aware of the short-term benefits of getting a hair transplant. Quite naturally, getting a hair transplant visibly improves the physical aesthetic of the patient within 8 to 12 weeks.

However, in the long run, a hair transplant procedure benefits the patient greatly.

Boosts confidence:

Having a bald spot often results in people losing their confidence. They become shy and try to minimise any social interactions as they feel they have a poor aesthetic appearance and this may lead to negative judgments about them. But, once they undergo a hair transplant in Kolkata, they almost overnight become confident about themselves and their appearance again.

Increases self-esteem:

When someone has a bald spot, it often makes them look at themselves differently. Sometimes, this changed perspective brings down the morale and the esteem of the individual. However, once the bald patch is covered, the person does feel better about their appearance and themselves.


Lesser judgements:

Accept it or not, in today’s day and age, society judges individuals on any and every possible aspect. When it comes to having a bald spot, society judges people on appearance and unusual features. After undergoing a hair transplant in India, society looks at these people with a more normal, neutral perspective and does not judge them based on a physical feature.

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Put an Eye On the Top 5 Causes of Hair Fall?

Baldness with a hereditary pattern:

Hair loss is generally genetic, with males being more impacted. It affects about 80% of males and 40% of women and is also known as androgenetic alopecia and it can be treated in the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. One's own genes are frequently blamed as a primary cause of baldness. But why is genetic pattern baldness such a serious problem? Hereditary hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to the male hormone testosterone is a common cause. Particularly in its highly concentrated form, dihydrotestosterone (commonly known as DHT).


In women, those symptoms are visible through hair loss around the top of the head. While in men the receding hairline and the back of the head are particularly affected areas. The diagnosis can usually be made by a dermatologist. Although having a family history with hair loss issues is a clear sign of this type of hair loss. The difficulty lies in the fact that androgenetic alopecia cannot be undone and will require surgery.

Hair loss as a result of a thyroid condition:

Baldness can be caused by both an overactive and underactive thyroid gland. A patient is afflicted almost every second, however, it is more frequent in women. Thyroid hormones have a significant impact on hair production and this is used in the treatment of the best hair transplant clinic in India. If the thyroid gland generates too many hormones, the hair will grow stronger at first. Unfortunately, it also degrades rapidly, becoming thinner and finer.


On the other hand, an underactive thyroid, such as that found in Hashimoto’s disease, can cause baldness. Thyroid problems must be diagnosed by a specialist or a family doctor. Medication-based treatments, such as levothyroxine. Nevertheless, it is important to get an early diagnosis for a thyroid disorder. Especially since the hair roots can be permanently damaged if this medical condition is not treated in due time.


Alopecia areata is a kind of alopecia that affects men and women:

Almost all women experience hormonal hair loss after menopause. Because the body becomes more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone following menopause, it frequently happens. This is especially true during menopause, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

Hair loss is often widespread and occurs mostly on the top of the head. Hormonal imbalances are the most common cause of female pattern baldness.

Hair issues like these are exceedingly uncommon in guys. Hormones only have a role later in life, when testosterone production declines and hair loss occurs. A dermatologist can generally identify alopecia areata quickly and begin therapy with medication.


Hair loss issues due to medication and therapies:

Many medications and therapies unfortunately have side effects that can lead to baldness. This does not mean that everyone is affected by those, but issues do occur.

The drugs that cause hair loss include:

      various antidepressants



      anti-inflammatory drugs


      lipid-lowering agents

      The connection between medication and hair loss is easy to diagnose. Usually, the hair grows back after discontinuing the drug or switching to another one.

This disease, unlike alopecia areata, does not cause permanent hair loss. Hair growth can be promoted by using a specific shampoo and making dietary changes. Patience, on the other hand, will be your biggest ally in regaining your hair in this situation.


Stress-related baldness concerns:

Hair loss can be caused by both physical and mental stress in both men and women. It's critical to understand that the body produces chemicals that cause direct harm to the hair roots. In other words, stress can cause telogen effluvium, a condition in which the normal hair cycle is disrupted.


Hair transplantation is a long-term solution for hair loss at the best hair transplant in Kolkata. Many of the hair issues discussed in this article have difficult-to-resolve causes, especially when they are discovered too late. If this is the case, FUE hair transplantation is the most effective approach to replace lost hair. Transplanting your own grafts to the afflicted regions is a safe and comfortable way to treat alopecia. Hair will regenerate after one year thanks to this sort of surgery, leaving no sign of the previous hair loss.


So, if you, too, are suffering from permanent hair loss, contemporary hair surgery procedures are now available to assist you. Do you want to know more about the best hair transplant in India?


Medicines that used for hair regrowth both topical and oral

Medicines that used for hair regrowth both topical and oral  Topical Medications –  Topical minoxidil  stops hair from thinning and stimulat...