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Top 5 Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal You Must Know About

  All of you, in your life, think, why not get rid of the all the body hair permanently? Well, getting a laser hair treatment is easy now! There are plenty of benefits of getting a hair transplantation done! It has minimal side effects, in an affordable price. Check why go for permanent laser hair removal: Cost Effective Once you get it done, there is no additional expense, and you don’t have to splurge money on visit beauty salon now and then. Can you imagine how much money you can save by doing it only once? Complete reduction of in-grown hair The most common issues regarding regular hair removal is the chances of getting strawberry legs because of maximum in-grown hair. When you use blade substance like a razor, you might feel irritation or swelling in the skin. Fast & effective You don’t have to spend your time on hundreds of sittings for a permanent laser hair removal in Kolkata , you can just do it in a most fast and effective way with a maximum of two session

Everything You Should Know about the Process of Transgender Breast Augmentation

Who doesn’t want to enhance their beauty when they have the scope? Breast Augmentation is the most trusted procedure for transgenders to beautify their features. It covers the subtle insecurities regarding in-born breast features for them. However, always look for reputed, authentic transgender breast augmentation surgeon in Kolkata , as they follow time-tested techniques. Let’s check how breast augmentation surgeons execute the process proficiently with their utmost skills: Preparation for the surgery: Start with booking your appointment beforehand for a hassle-free surgery. From two years before the actual day of operation, eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and follow a diet (Prepared by professional dietician). Visit the Surgeon’s clinic at least once before the day of action. Try to stay away from smoking and drinking.   In the day of action: Before the surgery day, take a cold shower bath and scrub off all the dirt from your body with an antibacterial body scrub

The Effective Role of Minoxidil in Hair Re-Growth

If you randomly search through Google about the ‘effective role of Minoxil in hair growth’, you will come to know about its utility and usefulness. It’s a topical medicine, applied to scalp for both male and female to regenerate or stimulate hair growth. Some FAQs regarding the usage of Minoxidil   What is the role of Minoxidil during various phrases of hair growth? Phases of hair growth can be medically termed as Anagen Phase – In anagen cycle, the growth of hair becomes rapid if you regularly use Minoxidil. Anagen phase lasts up to years. Catagen Phase – In Catagen phase, the hair follicle shrink, even hairs detaching from the follicle. The Minoxidil is not as rapid in this phase. Telogen Phase – In telogen phase, old hair settles in, while Minoxidil helps new baby hair to grow. Exogen Phase – In this phase, old hair falls out, and new hair settles in. Using Minoxidil regularly, minimise the severity of hair loss in exogen phase.   Is it necessary to wash ha

Post Transplant Instruction of Hair Transplantation

  So, you think fulfilling all the sessions of hair transplantation is all you have to do! NO, my friend! After dedicated hours of hair transplantation surgery, be careful with all the post hair care process, and take a note on all the DO’s and Don’ts off after care. Let’s break the process in to three segments: Immediate Care after transplantation: After the surgery, the clinic will provide you with a spray bottle with solution which you have to spray in the area after 20 minutes of the surgery. You Surgeon can provide you with some pre-surgery and post-surgery pills, which you must intake. Make sure you visit one of the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata to get the effective treatments even after the surgery is done! Day 1 to Day 5: Use Post care shampoo (recommended by surgeon). Don’t rub the hair. Use gentle stroke for shampooing the hair. After washing, use a micro-fiber towel to absorb the water as quickly as possible. Now, use the lotion after the hair compl

What Every Patient Should Know about Hypospadias Surgery

Hypospadias is a very common problem in male penis tube related to misplacement in urethra tube, mainly found in the time of birth or infancy. A common condition in the meatus (pee opening), it is not coordinated with the tip of the glans of the penis. Hypospadias surgery must be done only in expertise hands. But, wait! Are you aware of all the possible queries regarding Hypospadias surgery? Here are some frequently asked questions(FAQs) and it provides potential best answers for you regarding the surgery:   How much common is Hypospadias surgery? In India, especially, Hypospadias surgery in Kolkata is common for in infant male child who is facing this problem.   What is the reason of Hypospadias? There is no specific reason for this defect. It can happen, and there is no genetic connection found with this problem.   How it can be prevented? The only 100% safe and secure way to dismantle the defect of Hypospadias is surgery. With the changing time and research, the

Types of Alopecia and Their Symptoms

So are you confused about seasonal hair loss or is it really a serious case of alopecia? Alopecia is a severe case of hair loss from your scalp area. Before you conclude, research thoroughly about various types of alopecia and visit a professional surgeon after acquiring a basic knowledge about it. Before you run any chemical treatment regarding concern about alopecia, make sure you have ample knowledge about is specific treatments. Some Facts about various kinds of Alopecia You should know about:- Androgenic Alopecia Symptoms: This is the most common type of alopecia observed in male. Triggers hair thinning in crown or hairline in most of the cases. Alopecia Areata: Symptoms: Hair loss in a certain small area like a patch. Chances are the hair will grow after a time with few clinical sessions and treatments. You should look for expert hair doctor in Kolkata to treat alopecia areata. Ciatricial Alopecia: Symptoms: This one of the most painful type of hair loss that b

What Happened in Breast Augmentation Surgery Through Years - Check Out Now

  Many of you strive to get ‘body perfection’ for a lifetime. And there’s no denying fact that it’s one of the highest form of showing ‘self-care’. Breast augmentation surgery is nothing new! Over the years its techniques and artifacts have changed to provide you with the best result to eliminate your body deformities, especially for breast enlargement aesthetics. Want to know how the medical science has come so far to perform surgery with an utmost perfection? For that, let’s search some old pages of history… Autologous fat tissue transplantation: The first time breast augmentation surgery started probably in the 1890s, with this technique. In this kind of breast augmentation surgery, the lipoma of other body parts was collected to (especially from thighs, belly) and the breast size was restored after surgery. Doctors used to search for a suitable ‘donor body site’ to bring back the perfect appearance of the breast. However, with time it has been seen that initially the result

Can I get a Hair Transplant from Someone Else?

  The people who are willing to commit a hair transplant in Kolkata always tend to ask a certain question, especially if the person is having major balding issue. They often ask if we can get someone else’s hair for the surgery. In principle, the answer to their query is yes. Hypothetically speaking, it is possible to take hair from someone else (the donor) and transplant it to someone else (the recipient). After that the recipient has to take immunosuppressive meds for the rest of his/her life so that the transplanted hair can grow and avoid rejection. But in practical, the answer is no. Even with the cutting edge, state of the art technology, it isn't possible currently. The reason behind big “NO” – The assumption people make about immunosuppressive drugs are wrong; they are not safe at all. Immunosuppressive medicines have huge side effects and they don't always prevent rejection, this varies upon person to person. Immunosuppressive pills have bad influence on blood