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Role of Supplements after a Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a surgical technique which involves the moving of hair follicles from the most fertile area of the head such as back head is called as donor area to implant the follicles into the bald portions of the head.
Even after the surgeon performs a hair transplant in a better manner, the outcome depends on the care you take afterwards. Kolkata is famous for the hair transplants clinic with the best success rate. You can find the best hair transplant surgeon in Kolkata.

Are supplements necessary?
Most of the people think that the implanted hair will grow by itself after the implantation surgery but that is not true. You should follow some medications and post-care supplements to attain a successful result.
The most important thing you should know is that there are no supplements to speed up the growth of hair. The surgeon prescribes you a good multi-vitamin supplement that helps to boost, promote, and nourish the hair growth of the implanted hair as well as your own hair in the long run. It is important for you to follow a balanced and healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, and fresh air are helps you in need to maintain the success of your hair transplant.

Essential supplements after hair transplant:
Some of the supplements are very much essential for the hair transplants patients such as biotin vitamins, hair oils, and ant-hair loss shampoos.

Biotin vitamins:
The Zinc, Biotin, and Ginseng are some of the ingredients present in the biotin vitamins. This supplement not only provides the thickness to the hair but also helps in beautifying the skin and giving the strong nails. Biotin is a part of vitamin B-complex a water-soluble vitamin that is needed for healthy metabolic, digestive and cardiovascular functions.
A multivitamin supplement won’t do any harm but it is essential to discuss with your surgeon before consuming.

Why Do Bald Headed People Choose Hair Transplant?

Are you suffering from significant hair loss or bald-headed problems? If yes! You are on the right page. There are many people in Kolkata who are facing difficulties to control their hair loss and bald-headed problems. In order to put a big full stop for the bald problems, you have no other option than going for hair transplant treatment.

If you want to have effective results in the hair transplant methods, you have to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. The article contains information about why bald people choose hair transplant procedures.

How does hair transplant work?
As the name indicates, hair transplant is nothing but a treatment, where the surgeon will take the hair from the back of your head, and transplant it in the places where you have bald problems. Apart from the back of your head, the hairs will take from other parts of your body. Before going for the hair transplant, the best hair transplant surgeon in Kolkata will sterilize the area. There are two common transplant methods available. They are FUT and FUE.

Cost of the hair transplants:
A few people in Kolkata misunderstood that hair transplants will usually have higher costs. But if you are selecting the best hair transplant surgeon in Kolkata, you need not worry about the cost of the hair transplants. When you are approaching the best hair transplant surgeon, you will achieve the ultimate aim of the hair transplants with value for money. The cost of the hair transplant procedures are depending on the following points.

ü  The extent of the hair transplant procedure
ü  Availability of hair transplant surgeons in Kolkata
ü  Skill and experience of the hair transplant surgeon
ü  Type of surgical technique chosen by the patients
By now, you get to know about the techniques used for bald head problems, and factors that determine the cost of the bald head hair transplant treatments. Go for hair transplant and enhance your look and confidence level.

Is the Artistic Sense Necessary for Hairline in Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant has become a craze among people not only due to hair loss but it also gets a new hairstyle to change the natural hairstyle. The artistic design of a hairline is important for the success of hair transplant surgery.
The hairline is the most prominent part of the head. It is then positioned on the frontal part of the head. The remaining procedure is dependent on the hairline design. The surgeons are skilled at creating an artistic hairline design that results in a successful procedure. Kolkata has got the best hair transplant surgeons where you do a hair transplant in Kolkata combines aesthetics and efficiency with affordable pricing.

Importance of artistic hairline:
·        The hairline establishes the frame that is suitable to the face. The hairline that is designed artistically by an expert surgeon is prominent on the face as it is located on the front. The hairline can change the look of the face.
·        The overall success of the procedure is dependent on the hairline. If the hairline is messed up it changes the look of the face. The artistic design of the hairline increases the aesthetic beauty of the face. Artistic nature of the hairline is necessary for the hair to blend with the natural hair
·        To create a more natural-looking and artistic hairline, smaller follicular unit grafts are used.

A natural-looking hairline:
·        Apart from that, the look of the hairline is a combination of three-zone; transition zone, defined zone, and frontal tuft.
·        Transition zone: It is the initial 0.5-1 cm hair. There is a transition in the zone that starts with irregular, then becomes more define and dense near the defined zone
·        Defined zone: it is the 2-3 cm hair behind the transition zone. The hair grafts at this zone are more defined and denser.
·        Frontal tuft: The oval area of the defined zone that is denser compared to the rest of the zone.
Only when the surgeon designs the hairline with such fine details and precision, the transplant looks natural and aesthetic.

A Simple Guide to Use the Minoxidil after the Process of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the complex technique that requires intense care and steps to proceed to have the expected results after the treatment. There are lots of things to consider when you are choosing hair transplantation. Particularly, when it comes to posting treatment, you need to follow the precautions appropriate to turn it to have successful results. The best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata will suggest you apply minoxidil after the process.

The working of the minoxidil:
It is the vasodilator, which is chemically proven to stop the hair loss which slows down the progress of androgenetic alopecia. It is also a great element to stimulate hair regrowth. It is available for antihypertensive vasodilator treatment for issues like hair loss. It works by opening up the potassium channel, and it assists by expanding the blood vessels with more nutrients and blood flow to have a good scalp.

Minoxidil at post hair transplantation:
If you should know the usage of minoxidil after the hair transplant treatment, the answer will be based on the health condition. The specialist suggests this treatment for certain people aiming to avoid long term hair growth medication.

However, this is not the only reason. So, applying the minoxidil should be based on the expert’s advice. Though you are allowed to apply it on your scalp, it is very much necessary to follow the guidelines and several other aspects before you start using them. Also, you need to inform the specialist when you are feeling some changes in applying it.

Final thoughts:
Overall, hair transplantation is the best solution for different hair loss issues. Using minoxidil is either good or bad only based on your health condition. So, seek more advice from the right hair specialist and follow them appropriately to have the best results.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

An Overview About PRP Hair Treatment

Generally, people in Kolkata are going for hair treatments in order to control their hair fall and to enhance the density and thickness of the hair. Even though different hair treatment remedies are available in the medical field, a vast number of people in Kolkata are going towards PRP hair treatments. 
Whenever the person is undergoing the PRP treatment, the chance for the rate of hair regrowth process is high in number. But before you are going to PRP treatment, you should know about the benefits and cost of hair transplant in Kolkata. Here is all you need to know about PRP hair treatment.
PRP hair treatment:
As you know, PRP stands for the Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment, which is one of the most effective treatments in the Hair transplant. Whenever the person is undergoing PRP hair treatment in Kolkata, he/she will be able to stimulate the stem cells in order to form the new blood vessels. PRP treatment improves the growth of hair grafts.
Apart from this, the patients who went for hair transplants can obtain effective results with the help of PRP treatment. Moreover, in the PRP treatment, the platelet-rich plasma will be injected into the scalp of the patients in order to obtain effective results.

Benefits of PRP treatment:
The following are the benefits of PRP hair treatment.
ü  Whenever the person is going for PRP hair treatment, he/she is able to reduce the hair loss by stimulating the stem cells on the hair graft roots.
ü  With the PRP treatment, the blood supply to the hair follicles significantly increased.
ü  If you want to have the improved thickness for your hair, you have to go for PRP hair treatment.
ü  When you want to get favorable results after any hair transplant methods, you should go for PRP treatments.
By now, you get to know about the PRP treatment and its benefits.

How Hair Transplant will Cure Traction Alopecia?

These days, hair loss is found to be more common due to a number of reasons like consuming more quantity of fast food, stress, lack of care, exposure, lack of sleep, unhealthy habits, etc. Technology assists people with a simple procedure, and certain people enjoy the benefits of these treatments. However, extreme cases require intense treatment like hair transplantation from the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata to have hair regrowth.

Traction alopecia:
Among the different kinds of hair loss, Traction alopecia is the kind of hair loss caused because of continuously pulling the hair. When you are wearing the tight ponytail, bun or braids, or exposing more to the heat or chemicals, these types of issues may arise. Reducing these activities will help in regaining the hair. However, in certain advanced cases, hair transplantation can be the only solution.

Hair transplantation for traction alopecia:
Yes! The hair transplantation is the best possible way to restore the hair if you are suffering from traction alopecia type of hair loss. Hair transplantation is the process through which the hair from some part of the body is transferred to the area where there is no enough density of hair through medical procedure.

When you are suffering from Traction alopecia, you will generally have less hair than the outer area. Here, the hair specialist will place the hair from the mid or some other part of the hair to that extreme place. You need to follow the right steps and procedures for the treatment. So, as a result, you can have hair evenly at all the portions of the head.
Wrapping it up:
Hair transplantation is beneficial only when you follow the right measures and follow the procedure appropriately. So, ensure you follow the advice from the medical professional to enjoy the beautiful look without hair loss.

What Are the Benefits, Constraints, and Techniques Involved in Hair Transplantation?

It is a hidden fact that not all hair treatments will produce the expected results. There are some cases in which the hair transplantation will be a problem because of the donor's hair. Whenever the people in Kolkata are facing these types of difficulties in the hair transplant treatment methods, they are going for the beard to hair transplant procedure.
The best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata are suggesting their patients for the option of facial and beard hair extraction in order to have an effective restoring growth of hair. If you are one, who is unaware of beard to hair transplant on the head, continue to read the manuscript to know about the benefits, constraints, and techniques. 

Techniques used in Beard hair transplant :
Unlike other hair transplant procedures, the procedure involved in the beard to hair transplant treatment contains a complex and challenging process. As you know, the beard skin has more mobility, and the hair angle present in the faces and beards are stepper in nature. As a result of this, the specialists are facing difficulty to harvest the hairs from the facial and beards. 

Constraints of beard to hair transplanton head :
There are men available in Kolkata, who don't have enough hair supply because of the limited beards. The persons who are available with a limited amount of beards are facing difficulties in the beard to hair transplant on Head.

Benefits of beard to hair transplant on head :
The patients who are facing difficulties getting enough amount of donor's hair can go for the facial and beard to hair transplant on the head. The beard to hair transplant on the head is one of the most promising hair treatments to get more volume of hair growth. If you want to cover the crown or top area of the head, you should go for a beard to hair transplant on the head. 
These are the benefits, techniques, and constraints of the beard to hair transplant on head treatment. So choose the best technique and enjoy the benefits.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

History of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is widely being used today by many as a remedy for tremendous hair loss and also poses a new hairstyle for an attractive mane. The latest trends and techniques leave one in wonder and make us think about the history of hair transplantation.

In India you can find the best treatment for hair transplant particularly in the metropolitan cities like Kolkata. Check out in online like best hair transplant in Kolkata and stick to it. Before that the history and evolution of hair transplantation unlock interesting facts about the field that has become a craze in the twentieth century. Modern hair transplantation uses a variety of technology like fine FUT, FUE, nanotechnology and robotic surgery. But which was the starting point for all this? Let’s take a look into the fascinating history of hair surgery.

The 19th century:
The history of hair transplantation dates back to the year 1897 when Menahem Hodara did hair transfer. She successfully transferred hair from the unaffected area of the scalp to the area of the head that was affected by flavus.

The birth of modern techniques:
The first documented hair transplant was performed by Dr. Shoji Okuda in 1939. He was a physician from Japan. He used punch hair graft technique for hair transplant and published in Japanese Journal of Dermatology and Urology.

The era of modern hair transplantation bloomed in the late 1950s. The birth of the renowned principle, “Donor dominance” was a revolution for hair transplantation. The theory formulated by Dr. Norman Orentreich was the base for all hair transplantation techniques. He demonstrated that the donor grafts were donor dominant and grew on the recipient's site without any damage.

The theory of the Safe donor zone by Walter P. Unger became the fundamental principle for hair transplantation.

The developments of skin grafts occurred in the early 1960s. Skin grafts are hair tissues containing multiple hair follicles from a healthy scalp. The plugs used in these grafts gave a doll’s head-like appearance.

This followed by the development of hand motors and spaced templates which allowed the use of much smaller grafts which are around 2-4 mm. This reduced the artificial appearance that showed while using larger grafts.

The hair plugs were replaced by mini grafts and micro-grafts in the year 1984. This used strips for healthy donor sites instead of larger plugs. This was followed by the use of mega sessions. This uses large numbers of mini-micro grafts. This technique gained much popularity in the 1990s.

In 1994 the history leaped with the formulation of follicular unit transplantation. This technique used individual follicular units from the donor strip that drastically reduced the strip size. It also helped in reducing the trauma on the scalp.

The 21st century saw new pioneering innovations in hair transplantation like follicular unit extraction, robotic FUT, robotic graft selection, and much more.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

According to the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata Genes Play a Major Role in Baldness

The science behind baldness is still being debated among scientists. But one thing that everyone has agreed is genes play an important role in your baldness. Baldness in most cases is a genetic trait that is passed on to the offspring.

And there is a commonly prevailing fact that baldness is passed down from the maternal grandfather. This is only half true. The other 50 percent is filled in by your father’s side. Though Male pattern baldness is passed down by genetics, there are treatments to delay and reduce the symptoms of baldness.

Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal is the commercial and cultural hub of Eastern India. It has one of the best hair transplant surgeons. Go with best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata and have the best treatment to treat genetic baldness.

The role of genes:
About 80 percent of hair loss problems both in males and females are due to heredity. While, the remaining 20 percent is due to diet, stress, and other factors. The loss patterns are also transferred from the parents. There are two main genetic makeup that results in baldness. One of the common genes that are responsible for male baldness is the AR gene.

These genes codes for androgen receptor proteins that detect androgen, a hormone like testosterone. If the receptors are sensitive to the hormone, specifically Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), it results in hair loss. The AR gene is located on the X chromosome. In males, it is inherited from mothers. Though this owes to the belief that baldness is inherited from the maternal side, there are other polygenic variants that are not located on the sex chromosome.

There are genetic variants in autosomal chromosomes that result in androgenetic alopecia. The process of how this genetic variation leads to hair loss is still hasn’t been unraveled. The variation in the DNA can be due to single nucleotide polymorphism which results in alteration of genes that codes for hair follicle proteins.

But you should not worry about hair loss, modern medication and hair transplant can stop this. Consult with a hair transplant surgeon for proper treatment. You can also use medications like minoxidil or finasteride to slow down hair loss.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Do Natural Variables Result in Hair Loss?

Hair loss – a typical issue which unfavorably impacts the confidence of various people everywhere throughout the world. While numerous individuals accuse the condition altogether for hereditary qualities, it is critical to realize that there are numerous different components which add to both female and male example hairlessness.

Very few individuals know about the way that our general condition can assume a key job in causing going bald. The underneath referenced focuses will tell about the different natural elements which can prompt going bald in the two people:

Sullied air contains toxic substances and cancer-causing agents which can meddle with the protein liable for hair development bringing about loss of hair. As per researchers, a few toxins can enter the circulatory system, body and skin, and debilitate the hair follicles. It is consequently that places with a dirtied domain have increasingly number of uncovered individuals.

Hard Water:
Hard water is one of the greatest natural factors that lead to going bald. Late investigates have demonstrated that nations having water with more PPM (parts per million) have increasingly number of uncovered individuals. Higher amounts of magnesium, calcium and silica can cause dryness and harm the hair.

Chemical Substances:
Hardly any Chemical substances, for example, chlorine found in pools are known to mischief and harm the hair. While there's nothing concrete over the immediate connection among chlorine and hairlessness, it is frequently connected to adversely influencing the general prosperity of hair.

Heat and Sun:
Drawn out introduction to the sun may bring about perpetual balding. A burn from the sun influencing the scalp can enact Telogen Emanation, which is a male example hair sparseness condition wherein more than expected follicles enter the resting period of the development cycle. This can exacerbate the going bald issue.

Being a delicate subject going bald can make mental harm the two people, going bald treatment is presently getting more well known than any other time in recent memory. The lessening cost of hair transplant in kolkata and successful male and female balding treatment alternatives accessible today are exceptionally powerful in improving the lives and certainty of numerous individuals around the world.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How to Accelerate your Hair Development after Hair Transplant Medical Procedure

The developing worry of going bald has constrained numerous individuals to decide on a going bald treatment, which is the significant motivation behind why hair transplant in Kolkata is getting progressively normal. Be that as it may, it ought to be noticed that hair rebuilding medical procedure or hair transplant is a surgery and not a wonder.

Along these lines, it is critical for each individual experiencing the medical procedure to stay persistent for the hair development as the outcomes require some investment and can fluctuate from individual to individual.

Below mentioned are a few points which will assist you with accelerating your hair development after hair transplant:

Tenderly treat your scalp with the meds recommended by the specialist to abstain from harming the segments of transplanted hair. When the specialist grants, utilize a delicate cleanser to clean the region around hair follicles and dodge rough developments. Rather than scouring, pat your scalp dry subsequent to washing.

Tingling and scabbing are regular eventual outcomes of hair transplant medical procedure. Abstain from scratching your scalp and keep your fingers inaccessible to guarantee legitimate recuperating.

Avoid physical exercises, for example, running, open air sports, and so forth for at any rate 10-12 days present medical procedure on forestall the recently transplant hair from dropping out of the scalp.

According to the College of Maryland Clinical Center, tenderly rubbing your hair by blending three drops of basic oils, for example, rosemary, peppermint and sage with one teaspoon of olive oil has an essentially positive effect on hair development.

Expending in any event 2-3 liters of water for every day is an unquestionable requirement for expelling poisons from the body and wiping out the malady causing microscopic organisms through pee. As poisons are annihilated, the body will have the option to concentrate more on your scalp prompting quicker hair development.

An even, iron and protein-rich eating regimen with every single basic supplement, including vegetables, for example, broccoli, beans, and hostile to oxidant nourishments like blueberries, cherries, tomatoes, and so on help animate hair development. Stay away from nourishments whose added substances can prompt unfavorably susceptible responses like soy, dairy items.

Nutrients are fundamental for accelerating the hair development process. In light of your primary care physician's recommendation, expend Nutrient B6 containers every day to upgrade the quality of your hair just as increment the pace of hair development.

Adhering to the specialist's guidelines is basic to get best outcomes post your hair transplant medical procedure. Additionally, guarantee completing your going bald treatment by the best hair transplant specialists in India who can give durable profits for your speculation. The medical procedure fills in as a distinct advantage and is known to improve the confidence and social remaining of each and every individual who experiences it.

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