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Preventing Androgenetic Alopecia: Is it Possible?

  Androgenetic alopecia is the pattern of male baldness that occurs as the most common form of baldness to men. There are now certain things can be done to reduce hair loss. Balding can be prevented only by consulting the best clinic of  hair transplant in Kolkata .  Genetic hair loss is very strong. The genes inside the hair follicles will be the reason for hair loss. Apart from this, you need to avoid certain things to reduce your hair loss. Do not Smoke: Smoking can easily influence genetic hair loss. The smoking people have worse androgenetic alopecia than comparing to the people who do not smoke. Smokers have increased risk of having a severe hair loss and that easily develop balding in young age. This is because smoking damages the tiny blood vessels. This results in less blood circulation in the hair follicles that leads to less hair growth. Maintain Healthy weight: Obesity in your body can naturally develop the risk of androgenetic alopecia. The person of obese has

Is Prescribing Dutasteride in Males with Balding a Right Choice?

  The natural process of Hair fall occurs to almost every male. The reason why ithappens is because of genetic issues and also because of the change of hormones in the male body. Oral dutasteride is one of the medical treatments for males to get rid of their balding. This treatment is the best choice by many physicians to treat for hair fall. You can get this treatment from one of the best hair transplantation clinics in Kolkata. The cost of hair transplant in Kolkata   is less comparatively in other places. Why physicians prescribe? For the treatment of male balding, dutasteride is formally approved by the FDA. This gives effectiveness in hair growth. You can check the  hair transplant reviews  of the best hospital and get the treatment. There are certain criteria for the patients that help to determine whether they can be given this medication for the baldness. Here are some of the criteria that follow. If Patients like to maintain their hair without baldness, then they can g

Smoking and Balding: Does smoking Impact, Natural Balding?

  If you are a chain smoker, then no wonder that you have thinner hair. Smoking will not only lead you to many health problems but it also causes hair loss. You would probably know about the harmful chemicals that are used in the cigarettes that add toxins to your body. This can also create excessive hair loss in your system and premature hair graying. You would come across that the  cost of hair transplant in Kolkata  is very low comparatively in other places. You can get avail of your hair treatment in the best hair care clinic. Below are some of the causes triggered by smoking that leads to poor hair growth. Weak Immune System: Smoking cigarettes can damage your immune system. If your immune system is not proper, it leads to several diseases or illness. As a result, it causes hair loss. If your immune system is low, it also causes anemia and hair fall occurs. Your scalp will get a bacterial and fungal infection if your immune is very low. Through the  hair   transplant proce

How does Finasteride Change DHT Levels?

  As men get older they tend to lose more hair and also experience male pattern baldness. So they check for many hair transplant reviews and choose the best hair transplant clinic in kolkata . Biologically male pattern balding is known as androgenic alopecia. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT ) is an androgen which is a sex hormone and it contributes to the development of male sex characteristics. But sometimes this hormone can make you lose your scalp hair faster and earlier.  To stop the male pattern baldness there is a medicine called finasteride which can help in changing the DHT levels. This medicine is commonly used in hair transplant in Kolkata and all over the world. Read on more to know about finasteride and how it works in changing the DHT levels. Finasteride – how it works? Finasteride blocks an enzyme called Type II 5alpha -reductase which is responsible for converting the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. This can result in increasing the level of testosterone and dec

How Can I be Balding if I Have no Such Family History?

  As per the research, it is witnessed that men whose father has balding will be more likely to have hair fall and hair loss issues. Baldness can also occur if the maternal family members have baldness issues. But in some cases, it is exceptional because there will not be any generic hair fall cases in the family. If you are one of them who are wondering about your hair fall, contact the best Hair transplant clinic in Kolkata  to get the right treatment. Here are some of the causes that lead you to hair loss without hereditary reasons. Medical Illness: If you have some medical illness like thyroid or cancer, because of the treatment and medication, you will face hair loss. This is because certain drugs can cause your hair to fall. Some illness like thyroid imbalance will cause harm to the hair follicles and as a result hair fall occurs. Anaemia is one of the main causes of hair loss. You can do hair transplantation as a solution. If you think  is hair transplant permanent , then

The Myths about Finasteride and Gynecomastia

  Gynecomastia is otherwise known as enlargement of breast tissues in males. In recent days there are several factors leads to this symptom. The issue affects the testosterone production which is the male hormones reason for the development of hair growth and sexual drive in men. It also causes several other health hazards like, tumors in adrenal glands, testes or pituitary gland, thyroid gland, along with liver and kidney issues. Finasteride myths: The finasteride can be taken based on the doctor’s prescription right from 1mg to 5mg. you should take this drug on your own which may cause several side effects. Finasteride will show its effect only after 2-4 months so gynecomastia can be developed in early few weeks and it is also between 1 to 2 years .Once you develop this phenomenon it is advisable to consult with doctor and take further remedy to control this. After introducing finasteride to gynecomastia it can start with breast tenderness or even sometimes pain. Thus it is

What are the Factors that Contribute to Androgenetic Alopecia?

Androgenetic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness, menopausal baldness or age-related baldness. It is extremely common in men in the age of 50 and above. Nowadays this seems to be very common among adults and most of the people want to do the hair transplant procedures. In this case, they search for the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata and all over India. Before doing this you want to know about the factors that contribute to male pattern balding because knowing them may help in reducing the hair fall and hair thinning. Here are some of the major factors that cause male pattern baldness.   What causes male pattern baldness? It has been found that male pattern baldness is associated with the male sex hormone. The male sex hormones are called androgens. Sometimes this hormone can make you lose your scalp hair faster and earlier and also it may regulate your hair growth. Genetics is also one of the main reason for male pattern baldness.   Some health conditio

Are We Seeing More Young Males with Balding?

  Most of the young men and teenagers often notice that their hair becoming thinner because of hair loss. The major cause for this will lead to the pattern of male baldness. This is the most common reason for hair loss for many young men. Kolkata is a well-known place famous for the success rate of hair transplantation. If you are experiencing the male pattern baldness, then   hair transplant in Kolkata  is the destination for you to provide health care for your hair.  What are the causes? The type of male pattern baldness is known medically as Androgenetic alopecia. So the hair fall in males mainly occurs by the combination of hormones and genetics features that they possess genetically. The male hormones help to develop all the male sexual physical features along with hair growth. The main cause for the baldness in male is because of the genetic pattern. The best solution for this is  hair transplant surgery . You can get rid of baldness issue easily.  Symptoms of Male Pattern

Aggressive Hair Shedding in Young Males: More than Just a "Telogen Effluvium"

Telogen effluvium is the falling of hair for a temporary period. This usually occurs after stress or shock that occurs after a traumatic event. This is not so severe as compared to excessive hair loss in young males. If you are getting bald you might feel that you are losing your identity to some extent. You should contact the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata   to avoid excessive hair loss. Here are some of the common causes of hair fall in young men. Cause of medications: Some of the chemotherapy drugs or anticoagulant causes aggressive hair fall. In that case, once the medication of such disease like cancer is stopped, hair growth usually returns. Some of the anti-depressants will be the reason for hair loss and when the body gets too much of vitamin A, this also leads to the same problem. If you are facing the similar problem, then search for " hair transplant near me"  on online to get treatment for your hair. You will be directed to the best hair care clinic fo

Things to Know about Hairline Maturation of Males

For adults the hairline that grows in called mature hairlines. This process usually takes place in late teenage that is typically between the ages of 17 to 29 . Hairline maturation is a natural process and every male will undergo in the same way. It is a matter of fact that only fewer men retain their juvenile hairline. This happens simultaneously when the adult male body grows. Kolkata is known for its exclusive transplantation. You can consult with the  best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata  if you are facing hairline maturity. Hairline maturity is a part and parcel of the aging process of males. If it happens, you need not panic about the process. You need to treat it as a chance to educate yourself by getting to know about the natural stages of adulthood and its consequence. Biological Process: The basic reason for hairline mature is because of the change of hormones that happens in your body. Specialists believe that the sex hormone commonly known as DHT is interlinked wi

Does Diet Affect Male Balding?

Before many years men have suspected that there is something unnatural about losing one’s hair. But in recent days the doctors stated that balding is due to improper diet and other health factors. Nowadays the eating food habits of men have been changed with a vast difference and are focusing on new food habits. The intake of sugars, refined carbs and refined vegetable oil resulted in becoming a norm to hair loss and other issues related to hair. Here are the healthy diets that will protect men from balding. Many centres are helping you to give the best kind of service in the best way. You can also find lots of hair care treatment in Kolkata and you can get the best service with hair transplant in Kolkata for issues like balding. Omega-3s: A healthy diet helps you to keep your hair strong and shiny and it also helps you to keep your hair protected from hair fall and balding. The nutrient components such as essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s play a vital