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How Stress and Depression can Create Negative Effects for Your Hair

The modern people do not think that stress is a great factor that will affect the hair and overall health as it has become a day to day activity to be stressful. However, everyone should remember that stress can have effects on the hair, and excess depression can lead to heavy hair loss. When you put more hair in the towel, pillowcases, shower drain, stress is one of the factors that you need to blame. When you need to avoid expenses over the cost of hair transplant in Kolkata , controlling the stress is one simple thing that you can do. Here are further other factors to know more about the effects of stress in hair fall. Types of hair fall due to stress: Experts have categorized the hair fall in different names based on the stress and depression factors. Read further to know about them! Telogen Effluvium: Stress can push the hair follicles into the resting phase, and so it will fail to produce the new hair strands. Over time, the hair easily even when you do n

9 Celebrities Who Have Undergone Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant has become a craze nowadays. Along with being a remedy for male pattern baldness it also adds to the personality of the person. Permanent hair loss is no longer a fearful dream that a patient gets freaked about. Thanks to hair transplant treatment. There are a lot of clinics where you can go and have a hair transplant treatment to get rid of your first fear. In India, Kolkata has one of the best hair transplant treatments along with the best and experienced surgeons. You can visit the best clinic and get a hair transplant done from the best surgeon. Hair transplant cost in Kolkata is reasonable for anybody. If you have doubts then know that your favorite celebrities have also undergone hair transplantation surgery and are enjoying the fruits of it. Salman khan: The most popular and dashing actor of Bollywood who is a craze among many has got hair transplantation done. In the year 2007 he said to have suffered from baldness and followed by that he got a hair tr

Does Specialized Shampoo Stop Hair Fall or is it Just a Way of Marketing?

Are you on the hunt for a product that can reduce your hair fall and promote hair growth? If yes, then it is not surprising because two-third of men are on the risk of going bald by the age of 35. And every one of them is looking for a specialized shampoo that can be a solution for it. And with these aspects, lots of brands and companies are launching anti-hair fall shampoo, anti-DHT shampoo, and much more to use the situation. But it doesn’t mean shampoos don't work at all. It works only for certain problems. But if you are suffering from male pattern baldness go for the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata as they have the best surgeons in India. Do specialized shampoos really work? This is a question that is surfing among people for decades. But according to leading doctors, shampoos work only if you have a scalp condition. For example, if you are undergoing hair fall due to Seborrheic Dermatitis that is dandruff or psoriasis, shampoos work. These shamp

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata Literate us How to Care for the Hair When You Move to a Different Location

Today, relocating for the new places have become more common due to an array of reasons. However, some places will be suitable for the hair, but most places will not offer you the best results. This also relies on physical health. For example, when you need to relocate to Kolkata, the nature of living, food, water, etc. will produce some impact on hair health. So, you may not leave the place considering the hair damage or fall. Instead, you can get suggestions from the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata and start working based on their advice. Improve the hair brushing skills: Have only less brushing in your hair. When you have an excess amount of brushing, it may lead to heaving hair damage. In particular, when your hair is wet, it will produce an elastic effect and it enhances the chances to break. Use the right shampoo: When you are moving to the new place, the nature of water in the destination changes and it will affect the nature of the hair. At