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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata Explains the Steps of Successful Hair Transplant


Few years back the idea of hair transplant was out of reach for most of the common people, as there were so many taboos around it. They did not have any clear idea about it. Of course they had questions in mind, but there was no right answer or the exact answer they were looking for. To find a proper, well organized hassle- free clinic for hair transplant was not only tough, but also stressful.

But, first thing first, we must go through an idea about hair transplant, how a well-equipped surgeon perform it to make it successful. Although, as common people it is way beyond our understanding about every minute details, but you must have a clearheaded conception in your mind.

There are few steps doctors follow to give a complete new look through hair transplantation. Here we try to discuss what we do and what is best for you as patient.

Step 1 : the type of treatment provided -

There are various ways we can provide a perfect hair transplant treatment. Such as, F.U.E (Follicular Unit Extraction) process:  through this techniques, doctors try to generate new hair growth in your grafts from the root. This process includes needling of the scalp- an attempt to generate new hair manually or with machinery.

Next comes, F.U.T (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Here, the doctor examines and scrutinize those part of your hair or hairy zone where you have hair growth. The successive step is to cut those places into strips, study the grafts and transplant the hair accordingly.

Step 2 : preparing the site of transplant -

After knowing tit bits of hair transplant, a surgeon prepares the ‘donor site’. This donor site is actually from where the hair can be taken off, whilst there is ‘recipient site’, where the entire transplant will take place.

Step 3 : the post treatment effectiveness and management -

It is noteworthy that both follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation takes single day depending on the candidate current situation. The effectiveness of each treatment is different as well as the Initially, after treatment some faces problem like hair loss or ‘shock losses’ as newly planted hair takes time to get used to its new transplantation. But there should be no worries as very few such cases are recorded.

post treatment care. Best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata pays more attention to post care, recommends shampooing and lotion accordingly.

Step 4 : the final stage- after effects and potential side effects –

Overall, all you need to know about these successive stages of hair transplant before going to expert. But you must research accurately while planning for such a big step in your body and always opt for best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata as we know that finding prevention measure is always easier than finding cure. Similarly, don’t go for the research too much rather consult best hair transplant clinic once or times, so that you can make up your mind go for it through live experience.


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