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Is It Possible to Treat Androgenic Alopecia During Pregnancy?

Androgenic Alopecia is a form of Hair loss where the crown of the scalp gets affected the most leaving the sides and back as it is. Hair transplant in Kolkata is generally not recommended for women during pregnancy.

Apart from hair transplant, other treatments like Minoxidil, anti-androgens, supplements and topical agents, none is recommended during pregnancy.The cardinal rule of treating any conditions during pregnancy or using any treatment during pregnancy is simple: ask a physician.


Low Level laser Treatment (LLLT):

Low Level Laser Treatments (LLLT) are the only treatments that are safe and can be considered during pregnancy. This applies to most of the standard home devices. Any other kind of treatment should be stopped in advance at any cost. For some women stopping the treatment during pregnancy may not have a huge effect due to the surge of hormones in that phase, they can continue the treat after giving birth. Though some women may suffer from hair loss during pregnancy.


During breastfeeding are there any medication which is safe?

Since all medications are supposed to be stopped during pregnancy so frequently a question arises that whether it is safe or not to resume the medications after child birth. Now there is one thing that needs to be understood, while consuming a drug there is a possibility that the mother’s milk can get affected by it which ultimately gets into the child’s body. Since various drugs have various effects on body so it’s a Yes for some and No for some.


In 2001, the American Academy of Paediatrics published a helpful guide as to the safety of medications during breastfeeding. It's important to always check with your physician before starting any medication during breastfeeding. However, the following medications (used in hair loss) are felt to be safe for women who are breastfeeding.


Though it is normally recommended to resume any kind of medication at least one month after child birth. But studies say that Minoxidil doesn’t effect on the body or the child during breastfeeding.



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